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Cranberry Crush (out of stock)

Has the classic cranberry flavor with a nice balance between sweet and tart.  This is a good wine match with poultry and many fruit dishes, as well as summer salads.  It is a great wine for parties!

Peach Sangria

Our special blend of white wine and classic citrus flavors with a touch of peach.

River Bluff Red Reserve (out of stock)

A vintage Norton with a nice oak aroma and soft tannins.  A red wine for that special occasion.


A crisp white wine with a clean, light citrus finish.


A semi-sweet white produced by our vignoles grapes with hints of ripe pineapple and apricot that are evident.

Prairie Dew

A fruity medium sweet wine made in the Germanic style.  It is a very popular wine and a Hill Prairie staple!

Prairie Sunshine

Back by popular demand, our sweetest white wine is one that customers keep asking for.

Prairie Barn Blush

A flavorful blend of Hill Prairie grapes for a better option than white zinfandel.

Prairie Barn Red

A popular sweet red made from Frontenac grapes.  Pairs well with chocolate.

Chambourcin (out of stock)

A dry red of medium body with light cherry notes.  Good acidity pairs well with Italian dishes and steaks.

Country Concord

Just like grandpa made it.  A country original that tastes like fresh grapes.

Adam's Apple

A blend of Illinois apples, slightly sweet but not overpowering the taste of the fruit.

Venues for Buying Our Wine - Besides Winery

  • Caseys in Athens, Greenview and Petersburg 
  • Harvest Market - on Veterans Parkway in Springfield
  • County Market - Chatham
  • County Market - Havana
  • County Market - Jacksonville
  • County Market - Petersburg
  • Famous Liquor on Wabash Avenue in Springfield
  • Discount Liquor - Chatham
  • Discount Liquor - Taylorville
  • Binny's - Springfield

NOTE:  We always strive to produce quality wines.  Like anything else, great wines take time.  Also, we welcome your comments and you can call us at 217.635.9900 or send us an email.  Also, check out what's new on our Facebook page!